3 Things You Can Gain From Using Mobile Marketing Software

Companies in a wide variety of industries utilize field marketing tactics to further grow their businesses. Having a means of tracking the effectiveness of these efforts is crucial to the health of a brand’s overall marketing strategy. Here are three hyper-relevant insights that managers can gain after collecting data with a mobile marketing software solution.

Sales Territory Efficiency

Perhaps your organization employs field merchandising representatives or street teams to promote your product/service at offsite locations. Sales territories, or the geographical location that a particular field representative is responsible for covering, are often arbitrarily established by managers in an effort to streamline operations. However, inefficient or nonexistent territories can ultimately harm relationships with clients and the bottom line. For example, disorganized territory management might force multiple employees to handle the same client or cause a client to be neglected altogether. Moreover, animosity could develop within teams as they argue over who is liable for various clients.

To combat this, managers should take advantage of a software tool that is able to track how much time employees spend with a given client, the geographical location that employees cover in a given day, and the types of activities employees are executing at client visits. Having a historical record of this information will enable managers to design territories that are appropriate for each employee or team based on how long they are spending with clients, the nature of the work that is being performed, and what other locations those employees are visiting throughout the day.

Client Value

Another insight that can be realized with mobile marketing software is how much value individual clients are contributing to an organization. As described above, some software solutions have the ability to amass data on what activities are being accomplished when employees are on-site. For instance, employees might be doing a number of things such as taking replenishment orders, documenting the appearance of promotional materials, or taking notes on clients’ specific requests.

Data collection tools are able to reveal which clients are responsible for the highest number of revenue-generating activities. Knowing this information might lead managers to supply employees with additional resources so as to maintain the strongest possible relationship with these clients.

Promotional Success

A large part of many companies’ field marketing programs is on-site promotions/demonstrations. Lots of work goes into making promotions happen, yet too often companies don’t have a standardized process for measuring the success of these events. This is problematic because it’s impossible to make the necessary improvements to promotions without a record of how they performed.

One solution for this issue is to use digital forms. Some mobile marketing tools are equipped with customizable digital forms that managers can design for the specific use of collecting relevant data before, during, and after a promotional event. Information that employees should gather includes how much product was sold, a photo of the display set-up, how many potential customers interacted with the brand, how many samples were given away, among a number of other data points.

Mobile marketing software is an essential partner in the field for any team that conducts marketing and sales activities outside of the office. What’s more, managers owners reap its benefits by having instant access to key data that enables them to make informed business decisions faster than ever before.