Latest Mobile Marketing Statistics for Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing has always been about making sure that a company’s message reaches its targeted demographic. It used to be that marketing was done primarily through television. Before that, print media was the most commonly used marketing strategy. The reason was simple, in those times those methods were the most effective ways of reaching potential customers. Today, things are different, since the invention of the smartphone, the most effective way to reach potential customers is through mobile marketing. More chances than not, you are reading this article on a mobile device! Keep reading to see why mobile marketing is the future of marketing.

Most People are Accessing the Internet Using Mobile Phones

That’s right, over the last few years mobile phone internet usage has been increasing at astronomical rates! According to Statista as of 2015, 52.7 of all mobile phone owners used the internet through their mobile devices. The projected increase in 2019 is 61.4 percent. With the global smartphone usage expect to reach close to 3 billion units by 2020, this means that that reachability is much greater now using mobile marketing, than any other means of internet marketing! Thus, to get the most value for your marketing expenditure, mobile marketing is the way to go.

Smartphone Has become a daily routine

Checking mobile phones has become part of people’s daily routine. In fact in a study conducted by Omnicore, half of all smartphone owners are now checking their smartphones as the first thing when they wake up. What does this say about advertising? It used to be that people would go out to get the morning paper as part of their routine. With print media slowly becoming obsolete, it seems that people have now almost completely turned to their mobile devices, as their primary source of information. It goes without saying that the most effective way to reach a target audience is through mobile marketing!

More Time is Being Spent on Smartphones

According Blue Corona, out of the twenty hours we have in a day, on average consumers are now dedicating five to smartphone usage. It goes without saying that one increases the probability of reaching their target demographic by preferring mobile marketing as their marketing strategy.

People are Increasingly Consuming Media through Smartphones

Statistics conducted by Impact show that people are spending 69% of their media time on smartphones. Media has always presented an excellent avenue for marketing to reach its target audience. Think of advertisements in between tv shows or during the Superbowl half time. If people are spending more media time on their smartphones, doesn’t make sense to spend more on mobile marketing strategies?

Most Internet Users, Use their Smartphones to Shop

According to Convince & Convert out of every five internet users four use their mobile devices to make shopping decisions. It only makes sense, after all, the smartphone is the fastest and easiest way to access product information. This means that the marketing battleground has moved from shopping aisles and TV to the smartphone. Convince people that your product is the best using mobile marketing!

Most of Facebooks Marketing Revenue is Now from Mobile Marketing

Many companies are now realizing the power of mobile marketing. According to Statista, In 2019, 92 percent of Facebook’s marketing revenue is now generated through mobile devices. This goes to show that more and more companies are recognizing that best way to reach a target demographic is through mobile marketing. Don’t be left behind.

Google Has the Largest Market Share of Mobile Search Traffic

It is not enough that you realize that mobile marketing is the way to go. You must know how to make it effective for you. According to Statcounter google handles 59.16% of all mobile searches. Knowing this statistic will help understand how to search engine optimize your content.

Ever Increasing Social Media Usage

According to Statista, In 2019 there are 3.256 billion mobile social media users. The mobile media marketing scene is truly diverse. To make use of it effectively, you must know where to place your information. It would seem that social media has very wide coverage.

Big Companies Are Spending A Lot of Money on Mobile Marketing

Amazon will spend seventy five percent of its digital advertising budget on mobile advertisements. If the big companies are doing it, so should you!

Mobile Market Revenue Is Growing At Dizzying Rates

If you’re still not convinced about the future of mobile marketing, take this statistic from Statista. Within a span of five years (2015-2020) mobile marketing revenue will expand from 3.5 billion dollars to 13.3 billion dollars.