Seven Mobile Marketing Statistics that Will Shock You

Mobile phones are taking over in many areas including- marketing. Because everyone is always on their phone and also because they are so convenient, mobile phones offer a great opportunity for businesses to reach their target audiences faster and more directly. As a marketing platform, the mobile phone cannot be ignored. This article will show you seven mobile marketing statistics that will make you reconsider your entire marketing strategy.

5+ Billion Mobile Users in 2019

The goal of effective marketing has always been reaching its target audience in the most effective manner. This involves amongst other things identifying which platforms potential customers use. A Statista study estimates that as of 2019 there are more than five billion unique mobile phone users. To put this statistic into perspective, the same study found that there was a sustained increase in mobile phones from 2015 to 2019. In 2015 there were 4.1 billion devices, in 2016 there were 4.3 billion while in 2017 and 2018 there were 4.4 and 4.5 billion devices respectively. What does this mean for a marketing strategist? It means that there is a high likelihood that your business’s target audience is greatly represented in this figure. This is just one of the reasons why mobile marketing cannot be ignored!

Mobile Shopping is the Fifth Most Liked Activity on Smartphones

A statistic conducted found mobile shopping to be the fifth most preferred activity using mobile phones. It only came behind viewing entertainment media, email correspondence and using social media sites. Now when you think of all the activities one can perform with their mobile device, this statistics is incredible, especially for marketing strategists. In analyzing the statistic, it means that companies that use mobile marketing techniques as part of their overall marketing strategy have very high chances of hitting their target audiences using mobile marketing.

Facebook Makes 92% of Its Advertising Revenue From Mobile Ads

It seems that many companies are now realizing the potential of mobile marketing in increasing sales. According to Statista, In 2019, 92 percent of Facebook’s marketing revenue is now generated through mobile devices. This goes to show that more and more companies are recognizing that the best way to reach a target demographic is through mobile marketing.

Average Mobile Sites take 15.3 Seconds to Load

According to Google, on average, mobile pages take a whopping 15.3 seconds to load. This statistic is astonishing for all the wrong reasons. When you consider how effective mobile marketing can be as a marketing strategy then this statistic becomes very sad. Statistics show that when consumers have a bad experience on a website there is a sixty-two percent chance that they will not buy the product being advertised. The same study found that retail goods turnover can be affected 22% by a one second delay on a web page. Optimizing web pages for a better mobile experience is often listed as the number one wat tip of utilizing mobile marketing effectively. If potential consumers cannot access your website through their mobile devices then you will have wasted your money since you will not get the sales you’re looking for through mobile marketing. Moreover, a badly optimized webpage can do more damage than good.

Most Shoppers Use their Phones When Shopping

A google statistic shows that eighty percent of shoppers use their mobile devices while doing so. It is totally intuitive. When looking at two similar products and not knowing which to choose a simple search on a smartphone can reveal which of the two has better reviews. For marketing strategists, this should serve as a reminder that your brand’s presence on mobile platforms can make all the difference in sales, especially considering how common shopping is.

Google owns the majority of mobile search traffic

The figure is ninety-six percent to be precise, and is totally astounding! Smart mobile marketing strategists will understand the importance of search engine optimization after seeing this shocking statistic.

AppStore’s Revenue for 2018 was 46.6 Billion Dollars

One of the tips given on how to improve brand awareness through mobile marketing is by creating an application. This crazy statistic goes to show that it is completely worth it to do so!