Connect With Your Customers Using these Mobile Marketing Tips

Most marketing statistics point to the fact that Mobile Marketing is the future of Marketing. Top Companies like Amazon are already spending a lions-share of their digital marketing revenue on mobile marketing. Facebook, makes 92% of its advertising revenue from mobile marketing. Moreover, by 2020 revenue from mobile marketing is expected to grow to 13.3 billion dollars, up from 3 billion in 2015. With these and hundreds of other statistics, it is clear as day why a competitive business must consider mobile marketing as part of its marketing strategy. It is not enough that you simply accept this fact, you must also know how to use this great platform effectively. If you are reading this article, then you want to get tips on how to capitalize on this ever-growing marketing platform. Below are six wise tips for you to connect with your customers using a mobile marketing strategy.

Your Website Must Be Mobile Optimized

This tip is pretty intuitive. If your customers cannot access your website through their mobile devices then you will have wasted your money since you will not get the sales you’re looking for through mobile marketing. Further still, a poorly optimized webpage can do more damage than good. Imagine the impression a bad website creates on the quality, and trustworthiness of whatever product you want to buy? It cannot be a good impression.

Virtually all website makers offer mobile-friendly templates. Some are free but others may be paid. Either way, it is great value for money and is worthwhile.

Do not Underestimate the Power of Social Media

There are more than three and half billion unique functioning social media accounts online. These numbers are pretty easy to translate. It means that more chances than not a high percentage of your business’s target demographic will be greatly represented on social media. That being said, take advantage of mobile social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter for your mobile marketing strategy. One of the more common methods of social media is paying users with a great following to promote your products. It works!

Make Your Business Accessible

Search Engine sites like google give businesses the chance to post their business on their search directories. Take advantage of it because it can make all the difference. The convenience of mobile phones is such that someone can simply search “barbershops near me” and search engines will provide that information within milliseconds. You may earn many customers using this technique.

Let Your Clients Do Marketing for You

If you are running a remote business then encouraging clients and customers to “check in” when they visit may be a great addition to your mobile marketing strategy. Sites like Gowalla, Where and even Facebook allow their users to post their current location. People trust your product or business more when they see others using it. Because more than 60 percent of mobile users use their devices to access the internet you may include this strategy to your WIFI access conditions. The mechanics are very simple. You may require that for a customer to access your business’s WIFI, they should like your Facebook page. In this way, you will increase your brand awareness. This perk of mobile marketing may greatly increase your businesses traffic, thus increasing your sales.

Take Advantage of Testimonials on Your Website

This is another feature that will help you build trust in your potential customers. Sometimes the difference between two great websites selling the same product is that one may have testimonials and the other does not. Encouraging customers to write testimonials in a none intrusive manner may make your mobile page that more effective.

Make an App

A study conducted by Statista revealed that mobile users spend an average of five hours on their mobile devices. We live in a world of convenience where even having to look up your business online can be too much of hustle. Not only does a business with an application look more professional it is also more convenient. The process does not have to be time consuming or expensive. Nowadays there are bidding platforms such as Upwork for these types of services where you can get great bargains for great work. An application can be a great addition to your mobile marketing strategy.

Latest Mobile Marketing Statistics for Your Marketing Strategy

Marketing has always been about making sure that a company’s message reaches its targeted demographic. It used to be that marketing was done primarily through television. Before that, print media was the most commonly used marketing strategy. The reason was simple, in those times those methods were the most effective ways of reaching potential customers. Today, things are different, since the invention of the smartphone, the most effective way to reach potential customers is through mobile marketing. More chances than not, you are reading this article on a mobile device! Keep reading to see why mobile marketing is the future of marketing.

Most People are Accessing the Internet Using Mobile Phones

That’s right, over the last few years mobile phone internet usage has been increasing at astronomical rates! According to Statista as of 2015, 52.7 of all mobile phone owners used the internet through their mobile devices. The projected increase in 2019 is 61.4 percent. With the global smartphone usage expect to reach close to 3 billion units by 2020, this means that that reachability is much greater now using mobile marketing, than any other means of internet marketing! Thus, to get the most value for your marketing expenditure, mobile marketing is the way to go.

Smartphone Has become a daily routine

Checking mobile phones has become part of people’s daily routine. In fact in a study conducted by Omnicore, half of all smartphone owners are now checking their smartphones as the first thing when they wake up. What does this say about advertising? It used to be that people would go out to get the morning paper as part of their routine. With print media slowly becoming obsolete, it seems that people have now almost completely turned to their mobile devices, as their primary source of information. It goes without saying that the most effective way to reach a target audience is through mobile marketing!

More Time is Being Spent on Smartphones

According Blue Corona, out of the twenty hours we have in a day, on average consumers are now dedicating five to smartphone usage. It goes without saying that one increases the probability of reaching their target demographic by preferring mobile marketing as their marketing strategy.

People are Increasingly Consuming Media through Smartphones

Statistics conducted by Impact show that people are spending 69% of their media time on smartphones. Media has always presented an excellent avenue for marketing to reach its target audience. Think of advertisements in between tv shows or during the Superbowl half time. If people are spending more media time on their smartphones, doesn’t make sense to spend more on mobile marketing strategies?

Most Internet Users, Use their Smartphones to Shop

According to Convince & Convert out of every five internet users four use their mobile devices to make shopping decisions. It only makes sense, after all, the smartphone is the fastest and easiest way to access product information. This means that the marketing battleground has moved from shopping aisles and TV to the smartphone. Convince people that your product is the best using mobile marketing!

Most of Facebooks Marketing Revenue is Now from Mobile Marketing

Many companies are now realizing the power of mobile marketing. According to Statista, In 2019, 92 percent of Facebook’s marketing revenue is now generated through mobile devices. This goes to show that more and more companies are recognizing that best way to reach a target demographic is through mobile marketing. Don’t be left behind.

Google Has the Largest Market Share of Mobile Search Traffic

It is not enough that you realize that mobile marketing is the way to go. You must know how to make it effective for you. According to Statcounter google handles 59.16% of all mobile searches. Knowing this statistic will help understand how to search engine optimize your content.

Ever Increasing Social Media Usage

According to Statista, In 2019 there are 3.256 billion mobile social media users. The mobile media marketing scene is truly diverse. To make use of it effectively, you must know where to place your information. It would seem that social media has very wide coverage.

Big Companies Are Spending A Lot of Money on Mobile Marketing

Amazon will spend seventy five percent of its digital advertising budget on mobile advertisements. If the big companies are doing it, so should you!

Mobile Market Revenue Is Growing At Dizzying Rates

If you’re still not convinced about the future of mobile marketing, take this statistic from Statista. Within a span of five years (2015-2020) mobile marketing revenue will expand from 3.5 billion dollars to 13.3 billion dollars.

Seven Mobile Marketing Statistics that Will Shock You

Mobile phones are taking over in many areas including- marketing. Because everyone is always on their phone and also because they are so convenient, mobile phones offer a great opportunity for businesses to reach their target audiences faster and more directly. As a marketing platform, the mobile phone cannot be ignored. This article will show you seven mobile marketing statistics that will make you reconsider your entire marketing strategy.

5+ Billion Mobile Users in 2019

The goal of effective marketing has always been reaching its target audience in the most effective manner. This involves amongst other things identifying which platforms potential customers use. A Statista study estimates that as of 2019 there are more than five billion unique mobile phone users. To put this statistic into perspective, the same study found that there was a sustained increase in mobile phones from 2015 to 2019. In 2015 there were 4.1 billion devices, in 2016 there were 4.3 billion while in 2017 and 2018 there were 4.4 and 4.5 billion devices respectively. What does this mean for a marketing strategist? It means that there is a high likelihood that your business’s target audience is greatly represented in this figure. This is just one of the reasons why mobile marketing cannot be ignored!

Mobile Shopping is the Fifth Most Liked Activity on Smartphones

A statistic conducted found mobile shopping to be the fifth most preferred activity using mobile phones. It only came behind viewing entertainment media, email correspondence and using social media sites. Now when you think of all the activities one can perform with their mobile device, this statistics is incredible, especially for marketing strategists. In analyzing the statistic, it means that companies that use mobile marketing techniques as part of their overall marketing strategy have very high chances of hitting their target audiences using mobile marketing.

Facebook Makes 92% of Its Advertising Revenue From Mobile Ads

It seems that many companies are now realizing the potential of mobile marketing in increasing sales. According to Statista, In 2019, 92 percent of Facebook’s marketing revenue is now generated through mobile devices. This goes to show that more and more companies are recognizing that the best way to reach a target demographic is through mobile marketing.

Average Mobile Sites take 15.3 Seconds to Load

According to Google, on average, mobile pages take a whopping 15.3 seconds to load. This statistic is astonishing for all the wrong reasons. When you consider how effective mobile marketing can be as a marketing strategy then this statistic becomes very sad. Statistics show that when consumers have a bad experience on a website there is a sixty-two percent chance that they will not buy the product being advertised. The same study found that retail goods turnover can be affected 22% by a one second delay on a web page. Optimizing web pages for a better mobile experience is often listed as the number one wat tip of utilizing mobile marketing effectively. If potential consumers cannot access your website through their mobile devices then you will have wasted your money since you will not get the sales you’re looking for through mobile marketing. Moreover, a badly optimized webpage can do more damage than good.

Most Shoppers Use their Phones When Shopping

A google statistic shows that eighty percent of shoppers use their mobile devices while doing so. It is totally intuitive. When looking at two similar products and not knowing which to choose a simple search on a smartphone can reveal which of the two has better reviews. For marketing strategists, this should serve as a reminder that your brand’s presence on mobile platforms can make all the difference in sales, especially considering how common shopping is.

Google owns the majority of mobile search traffic

The figure is ninety-six percent to be precise, and is totally astounding! Smart mobile marketing strategists will understand the importance of search engine optimization after seeing this shocking statistic.

AppStore’s Revenue for 2018 was 46.6 Billion Dollars

One of the tips given on how to improve brand awareness through mobile marketing is by creating an application. This crazy statistic goes to show that it is completely worth it to do so!